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Adobe Commerce Developer Professional AD0-E717 Practice Exam Dumps

AD0-E717 is the Adobe Commerce Developer Professional certification exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills in designing and developing e-commerce solutions using Adobe Commerce. Certspots offers the latest AD0-E717 practice exam dumps that are designed to help candidates prepare for the actual exam. The AD0-E717 practice exam dumps provide a simulated exam environment that helps candidates become familiar with the exam format and style. The AD0-E717 dumps cover all the topics and question types that appear in the actual exam.

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1. What action can be performed from the Cloud Project Portal (Onboarding Ul) of an Adobe Commerce Cloud project?

2. Which property allows multiple cron jobs to share the same configuration?

3. What is one way a developer can upgrade the ECE-Tools package on an Adobe Commerce Cloud project?

4. Which type of product has the ability to build customizable products from a variety of options?

5. Which file on an Adobe Commerce Cloud project allows a developer to upgrade the PHP version and enable/disable a PHP extension?

6. A developer needs to initialize the jQuery Ul widget for a specific HTML tag.

Which HTML attribute is used for this?

7. How would a developer access RabbitMQ data on an Adobe Commerce Cloud Production environment?

8. A developer defined a new table in db.schema.xml while creating a new module.

What should be done to allow the removal of columns from the database when deleting them from db.schema.xml?

9. How are multiple EAV attributes belonging to the same entity grouped in the database?

10. How would a developer add a sensitive environment-specific configuration value on an Adobe Commerce Cloud project?



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