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Best Nutanix NCP-EUC Exam Dumps [2023]

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1. An administrator needs to create a new MCS Catalog, but is receiving a failure error, as shown below:

Acropolis _ Inventory: Getccntent Exception:system.ArgunentException: Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptseriali:er. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLenth property.

2. Where should an administrator configure AWS, Azure, and Google accounts within Frame?

3. Refer the exhibit.

Which statement is true?

4. An administrator has been given a new support role for a groupof 1000 users, which are all running Windows10Linked Clone virtual desktops, The administrator learns quickly that the environment has been undersized with constant complaints from the user community around running out of storage. The administrator further discovers that the environment is memory constrained.

Which feature should the administrator enable to help relieve the capacity issue?

5. An administrator plans to deploy a VMWare Horizon Solution on AHV. The administrator used the cluster command to verify if Shadow Clones are enabled in the AHV environment.

This command shows the following output:

Which action should the administrator take to enable Shadow Clones?

6. A new client has just deployed a new Frame account, During the testing phase, the security team found that they had bidirectionalclipboard,capabilities, the ability to transfer files, and connectivity to unauthorized external storage devices.

What should the administrator do to secure the environment, based on the security team's feedback?

7. A company wants their Nutanix VDI environment to have these characteristics:

• 3000 non-persistent desktops

• 500 RDSH-based VMS

• 100 AppStacks

How many storage containers should an administrator create to satisfy these requirements?

8. An administrator wants to deploy 1 ,OOO virtual desktops on Nutanix AOS and wants to leverage a cloning technology from thecompany’schosen virtual desktop broker vendor which is Citrix.

What kind of Nutanix storage efficiency feature should the administrator use for this solution?

9. What are two types Of Frame environment delivery models? (Choose two.)

10. A company is planning to implement Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Nutanix clusters running AHV.

The initial implementation will be sized for 1000 virtual desktops with Windows 1 1, Microsoft Office 2021 and Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps installed.

What is the correct prerequisite to implement a successful installation of the Nutanix AHV MCS Plug-in?



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