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Nutanix Unified Storage NCP-US-6.5 Practice Exam

In order to increase your chances of success in passing the NCP-US-6.5 Nutanix Certified Professional – Unified Storage (NCP-US) v6.5 exam, it is highly recommended to utilize the comprehensive resources available to you. One such resource is the latest Nutanix Unified Storage NCP-US-6.5 Practice Exam offered by Certspots. By studying and practicing with this exam, you will not only enhance your knowledge and understanding of the exam topics, but also boost your overall level of preparedness. This will ultimately contribute to your confidence and competence when taking the actual test. Therefore, take advantage of this valuable opportunity and make the most out of your exam preparation journey with Certspots.

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1. Immediately after creation, the administrator is asked to change the name of Objects store.

How will the administrator achieve this request?

2. An administrator is required to place all iSCSI traffic on an isolated network.

How can the administrator meet this requirement?

3. An administrator needs to allow individual users to restore files and folders hosted in Files.

How can the administrator meet this requirement?

4. An administrator has discovered that File server services are down on a cluster.

Which service should the administrator investigation for this issue?

5. Life Cycle manager must the compatible versions of which two components before installing or upgrading Files? (Choose two.)

6. An administrator needs to scale out an existing Files instance. Based on the Company’s requirements, File instance has four FSVMs configured and needs to expand to six.

How many additional Client IP addresses and Storage IP addresses does the administrator require to complete this task?

7. An administrator created a bucket for an upcoming project where internal users as well as an outside consultant …. Object Browser. The administrator needs to provide both internal and consultant access to the same bucket.

The organization would like to prevent internal access to the consultant, based on their security policy.

Which two items are requires to fulfill this requirement (Choose two.)

8. An administrator needs to protect a Files cluster unique policies for different shares.

How should the administrator meet this requirement?

9. A healthcare administrator configure a Nutanix cluster with the following requirements:

• Enable for long-term data retention of large files

• Data should be kept for two years

• Deletion or overwrite of the data must not be allowed

Which Nutanix-enabled technology should the administrator employ to satisfy these requirements?

10. What is the minimum and maximum file size limitations for Smart Tiering?



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