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Nutanix NCS-Core Exam Dumps For Brilliant Exam Study 2023

If you’re preparing for the Nutanix Certified Services Core Infrastructure Professional exam, then Nutanix NCS-Core exam dumps are an excellent resource to help you pass with ease. These questions are designed to align with the latest exam syllabus and pattern, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information possible. One of the most significant advantages of Nutanix NCS-Core exam dumps is their ability to provide regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the exam. This ensures that you have access to the most recent information and are fully prepared for the exam.

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1. A consultant deploys a four-node VMware ESXi cluster and vCenter server. An HA/DRS cluster is configured for all four nodes. The customer deploys five new VMs on the cluster.

During the knowledge Transfer, a network cable on one node is removed to demonstrate HA and migration of the VMs to another host. In the HA/DRS cluster settings, the VM Restart Priority for all CVMs is set to Disabled. The customer observes warnings that the CVM on the ejected host is no longer powered on.

Which ESXi HA/DRS cluster setting is missing?

2. A customer wants to run SAP HANA on a Nutanix cluster with the following characteristics:

• AHV nodes

• SAP HANA version 2

• Production database files

Which configuration should be recommended to the customer?

3. While trying to upgrade AOS in a cluster, a consultant receives a warning message that there are two powered-on VMs that need to be powered off for the upgrade to proceed.

What would cause this warning to be issued?

4. A consultant configures an ESXi cluster which will utilize a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). The consultant has just migrated the first host to the dvSwitch when several alerts appear within Prism Element regarding Host-to-CVM connectivity.

What is causing these alerts?

5. An administrator is deploying Nutanix Files 3.5 and needs to configure the sizing of the FSVMs for an increased number of concurrent SMB connections over the default 750.

What should the administrator do?

6. An administrator wants to utilize Network Visualization to monitor the physical and logical network on the Nutanix cluster. The first-hop switch has LLDP enabled. The network switch information is still not being displayed.

What is causing this problem?

7. After a consultant runs Foundation, the imaging process fails.

In which two locations can the consultant find the logs? (Choose two.)

8. A customer has two mission-critical applications and needs to have them backed up to a remote location. The remote location is connected using a leased line and has an average latency of 7 ms.

Which Nutanix technology will provide the shortest RPO possible?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator configures Active Directory authentication as shown in the exhibit. Upon finishing setup, users are not able to log in.

What configuration change should be made to fix this issue?

10. During the Foundation imaging process, nodes are successfully imaged, but the cluster creation fails.

Which log should the consultant review to determine the cause?



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