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NCP-US Dumps (PDF) [2023] with Nutanix NCP-US Exam Questions

If you are planning to take the Nutanix Certified Professional – Unified Storage (NCP-US) v6 exam, it is essential to practice with real exam questions. The NCP-US exam questions in the practice test are authentic, designed to give you an exact impression of the Nutanix Certified Professional NCP-US actual certification exam. By practicing with NCP-US exam questions, you can assess your readiness for the certification exam, identify knowledge gaps, and improve your test-taking strategies. The NCP-US practice test provides you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, format, and difficulty level.

In conclusion, passing the Nutanix Certified Professional – Unified Storage (NCP-US) v6 exam is vital to get certified as a Nutanix professional. The NCP-US exam questions in the practice test are real and can help you prepare for the certification exam effectively.

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1. A CIO has been reviewing the corporate BCDR plan. In this review, the CIO has noticed that they are replicating their Files deployments using the built in Files DR capabilities that are configured out of the box.

Upon further investigation, the CIO has identified that there are no granular share replications between their Files deployments and has requested the administrator to take an initiative and implement a granular Files Share recovery model.

Which Files capability should the administrator configure in order to be able to failover only certain shares?

2. A company has distributed a new document bundle, entitled Health and Security Policies to all employees. HR has asked an administrator to verify if key users have opened the document.

How can an administrator support this request with File Analytics?

3. An administrator of an existing Nutanix cluster running Kubernetes with multiple PODs notices that NCC checks report that some volume groups experience the following error:

Node x .x.x.x:

FAIL: Volume Group pvc -XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX space usage (908)

The administrator checks the volume group usage from the Kubernetes pod and get different usage results. The current stats are 55% used disk space.

The results of the NCC check do not match what manually-executed checks report.

What is the cause of this behavior?

4. Refer the exhibit

When creating an Object Store. an administrator receives an error. as shown in the exhibit.

How should the administrator resolve the error?

5. An administrator is implementing a VDI solution in a Nutanix cluster running AHV. The implementation includes home shares for user files. The shares have to be highly available, only accessible by the named user, and replicated to a DR site.

What solution would best fulfill these requirements?

6. An administrator has mapped a Volume Group named VGI to a VM, Due to changes in the application running inside the VM, two additional volumes are required. At the time of creation, the VM was assigned to a Protection Domain named PDI.

Which two steps should the administrator take to add the additional volumes to the VM while maintaining data protection? (Choose two.)

7. An administrator needs to audit and analyze the operations and contents of a file server.

Which File software tool should the administrator use to fulfill this task?

8. An administrator is upgrading Files and receives the following errormessage:

failed to reach fileserver.

In which way should the administrator resolve this issue?

9. An administrator wants to be warned about suspicious activity, such as file deletion, for the company's Files installation,

How can the administrator accomplish this task in File Analytics?

10. A RHEL administrator has requested a new NFS v4 export share to be deployed.

The task has been completed with the following settings:

• Authentication - System

• Default Access - Read-Write

Which mount―t nfs -o secoption should the RHEL administrator issue in order to properly mount the new share?



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