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Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Dumps

To ensure your success in the NCM-MCI-6.5 Nutanix Certified Master – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI)v6.5 exam, it is highly recommended that you dedicate ample time to studying and preparing. One valuable resource that can greatly assist you in your preparation is the latest Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Dumps from Certspots. These comprehensive study materials are designed specifically to cover all the essential topics and concepts that will be tested in the exam. By diligently going through these Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5 NCM-MCI-6.5 Dumps, you will not only gain a deep understanding of the subject matter but also become familiar with the format and structure of the actual exam. This will significantly boost your confidence and enable you to approach the exam with ease.

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1. Task 11

An administrator has noticed that after a host failure, the SQL03 VM was not powered back on from another host within the cluster. The Other SQL VMs (SQL01, SQL02) have recovered properly in the past.

Resolve the issue and configure the environment to ensure any single host failure affects a minimal number os SQL VMs.

Note: Do not power on any VMs

See the Explanation for step by step solution.

2. Task 1

An administrator has been asked to configure a storage for a distributed application which uses large data sets across multiple worker VMs.

The worker VMs must run on every node. Data resilience is provided at the application level and low cost per GB is a Key Requirement.

Configure the storage on the cluster to meet these requirements. Any new object created should include the phrase Distributed_App in the name.

See the Explanation for step by step solution.

3. Task 12

An administrator needs to create a report named VMs_Power_State that lists the VMs in the cluster and their basic details including the power state for the last month.

No other entities should be included in the report.

The report should run monthly and should send an email [email protected] it runs.

Generate an instance of the report named VMs_Power_State as a CSV and save the zip file as

Note: Make sure the report and zip file are named correctly. The SMTP server will not be configured.

See the Explanation for step by step solution.

4. Task 16

Running NCC on a cluster prior to an upgrade results in the following output

FAIL: CVM System Partition /home usage at 93% (greater than threshold, 90%)

Identify the CVM with the issue, remove the fil causing the storage bloat, and check the health again by running the individual disk usage health check only on the problematic CVM do not run NCC health check

Note: Make sure only the individual health check is executed from the affected node

See the Explanation for step by step solution.

5. Task 10

An administrator is working to create a VM using Nutanix V3 API calls with the following specifications.

* VM specifications:

* vCPUs: 2

* Memory: BGb

* Disk Size: 50Gb

* Cluster: Cluster A

* Network: default- net

The API call is falling, indicating an issue with the payload:

The body is saved in Desktop/ Files/API_Create_VM,text

Correct any issues in the text file that would prevent from creating the VM. Also ensure the VM will be created as speeded and make sure it is saved for re-use using that filename.

Deploy the vm through the API

Note: Do not power on the VM.

See the Explanation for step by step solution.

6. Task 3

An administrator needs to assess performance gains provided by AHV Turbo at the guest level. To perform the test the administrator created a Windows 10 VM named Turbo with the following configuration.

1 vCPU


SATA Controller

40 GB vDisk

The stress test application is multi-threaded capable, but the performance is not as expected with AHV Turbo enabled. Configure the VM to better leverage AHV Turbo.

Note: Do not power on the VM. Configure or prepare the VM for configuration as best you can without powering it on.



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