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CLSA PEGAPCLSA86V2 Certification Questions 2023 To Ensure Success

Want to get success in your Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 86V2 exam? By using CLSA PEGAPCLSA86V2 certification questions, you increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. They provide valuable insights into the exam format, the types of questions you can expect to encounter, and the key concepts you need to know to succeed. The significant benefit of Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 certification questions is their ability to help you achieve brilliant exam results. They provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform at your best, giving you the confidence you need to ace the exam.

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1. Security policies need to be configured for a newly developed Pega application using basic credential authentication. The lockout policy configuration must lock out users after three failed login attempts. The configuration must exclude Administrator or Executive operators from the lockout.

How do you achieve this requirement?

2. Users in a cloud-based production application report a chronic performance issue that occurs every day between 2:0 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. All attempts to reproduce the problem in the Development, QA, and Staging environments have (ailed.

Which two techniques help you troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

3. Which of the following Skin rule customizations help satisfy the stated requirements?

4. your application uses a page type property named customerinfo to store the customer's first and last names.

Which two approaches ensure that the customer's first and last names are stored in upper case? (choose two)

5. which two statements are correct with regard to inbound email processing? (choose two)

6. How do you configure an application to monitor changes made to delegated Decision Table in a production environment?

7. Using the information shown in the Class structure, select the correct statement.

8. A developer has set the Rule security mode on the access group to Deny. Select the reason for this setting.

9. You need to define a new LDAP authentication servlet because all of the standard LDAP servlets are

being used in authentication services

which two task do you perform to implement this requirement

10. Which configuration steps do you perfrom to enable an access group for offline user?



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