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Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 Exam Questions – Best Way Towards Success

Practicing with Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam questions is an essential part of preparing for the Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 exam, and can greatly increase the chances of success. To maximize your chances of success on the PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam, it’s essential to focus on your weak areas and practice extensively. By practicing with Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam questions, candidates can also identify areas where they need to improve their knowledge, and focus their studying efforts accordingly. Additionally, by answering these questions under timed conditions, candidates can simulate the exam environment and become more comfortable with the format and pacing of the actual exam.

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1. A fitness organization wants to ensure that data is entered correctly into an online form when users apply for, or update, their membership information.

Which scenario requires an edit validate rule?

2. Your application contains the following versions of a service level named AuthorizeClaim.

The application is being updated with a new version of the AccountManage ruleset. As part of the update, the service level is no longer circumstanced for AccountOpen cases. The update must retain the circumstancing for the other case types in the application.

Which option do you use to reset the circumstancing for the AccountOpen case type?

3. A city resident can report potholes to the Department of Transportation by logging in to a

mobile Pega Platform application that utilizes the Pega API.

Which two Pega API interactions do you use to facilitate this? (Choose two.)

4. There are five instances of a rule in the rules cache. The only differences between these are the circumstance settings and ruleset version. The operator's access group has access to all ruleset versions.

On 1 June 2020, which instance is chosen by rule resolution if .Country = Algeria?

5. Consider the following requirement: An auditing policy explicitly requires that employees cannot see the contents of complaints made against themselves.

Which security solution do you use to satisfy the requirement?

6. Which two statements about building mobile applications with Pega Platform are true? (Choose Two)

7. A chemical supplier processes thousands of online orders each day. The supplier provides a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each of the 100+ cleaning products in stock. When buyers select an item to order, the application displays the MSDS. The MSDS rarely changes.

Which of the following options ensures the MSDS is up to date when an order is created?

8. In your purchasing application, you use a decision table with vendor discount codes. You want to delegate the decision table.

In which ruleset do you save the decision table to allow delegation?

9. A flow action calls a pre-processing data transform to initiate values. There are several flow actions available for the assignment. You want to make sure that the values are only initiated once for each flow action.

How do you implement a solution?

10. A requirement states that the Manager role cannot open a purchase request during the Audit stage.

How do you configure the case stage to satisfy this requirement?



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