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PEGACPLSA88V1 Pega Lead System Architecture Exam Dumps

Looking to successfully pass the PEGACPLSA88V1 Certified Pega Lead System Architect 8.8 Exam? If you’re aiming to demonstrate your expertise in designing and architecting Pega applications, the Pega Lead System Architecture version 8.8 exam is the key. To ensure you’re fully prepared for this important milestone, consider leveraging the latest PEGACPLSA88V1 Pega Lead System Architecture Exam Dumps from Certspots. These comprehensive study materials are specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your exam. By using these valuable PEGACPLSA88V1 Pega Lead System Architecture Exam Dumps, you can significantly enhance your confidence and increase your chances of passing the exam effortlessly on your very first attempt. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your success!

View Online Free PEGACPLSA88V1 Pega Lead System Architecture Exam Dumps

1. Which of the following Skin rule customizations help satisfy the states requirements?
2. You oversee a medium-size development team, and some of the team members are new to pega.

What are the most efficient ways to ensure that the rules the team creates adhere to best practices? (choose two)
3. How do you encrypt the storage stream of the class MyOrg-HR-Work-RFP?
4. your application queues items for a standard agent a case has not been updated as expected by the agent. on the system queue management landing page the queue status for each item us available.

What two issues can be identified in the system queue management landing page using the status? (choose two)
5. An application, created by MyCo, has a number of rules implemented as decision tables that use "Title" as an input as seen in the sample rule below:

MyCo is finding a number of application defects caused by incorrect spellings in the title field. The valid titles are stored as field values. MyCo is requesting options to help prevent these types of errors.

Which of the following approaches is most applicable? (Choose One)
6. Security policies need to be configured for a newly developed Pega application using basic credential authentication. The lockout policy configuration must lock out users after three failed login attempts. The configuration must exclude Administrator or Executive operators from the lockout.

How do you achieve this requirement?
7. You are implementing a paga customer service application and are integrating the system of record data for account information? select the three tasks required to implement this integation
8. A pega application has cases that represent customer accounts each with many members. When a member of a customer account registers with the application through an offline component, a related registration transaction is recorded. An advanced agent updates the customer account cases with new members. The application is running in a multimode system and advanced agents are enabled on all nodes.

Which two elements are valid design choices? (choose two)
9. How do you improve performance during synchronization for users of an offline-enable mobile app.
10. which two statements are correct with regard to inbound email processing? (choose two)
11. APP Studio created a data type in the Organization layer for Quote data called BCO-Data Quote.

How do you help users find rules from this data class when working in APP Studio?
12. Select the recommended option for extending the data model provided by a pega industry framework.
13. Which three actions do you recommend to address their performance issue and ensure optimal application performance in the future? (Choose Three.)
14. You need to define a new LDAP authentication servlet because all of the standard LDAP servlets are being used in authentication services.

Which two task do you perform to implement this requirement
15. XYZ Corporate wants to perform extensive analysis on work party information across various case types in real time at any time of the day. At the same time, xyz wants to minimize the impact this analysis has case worker using Pega applications.

Which solution do you recommend?
16. Which two action can you perform to improve the Guardrails Compliance score of an application? (Choose two.)
17. Customer information is captured in an application. Corporate policy states that private information be secured and only visible to a limited users.

Which configuration do you recommend?
18. An application include two case types: expense report and purchase requests which two steps are required to enable support for both case type for offline user on a mobile device?
19. An agent is associated with the Background processing node type. Several nodes in the cluster are configured to perform background processing. You need to create an agent that runs every day at midnight and sends customers an email if their birthday is that day.

Which two options do you select to configure the agent?
20. You manage a 30-person development team with members located across the globe.

Which Pega Cloud environment best supports the needs of your team?



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