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Free Pegasystems PEGACPDC88V1 Practice Exam Questions

In order to help you pass the PEGACPDC88V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1 exam, there are several effective strategies you can implement. One such strategy is to study the latest Free Pegasystems PEGACPDC88V1 Practice Exam Questions from Certspots. By practicing with these PEGACPDC88V1 practice exam questions, you can assess your current level of preparation and identify areas where you may need further improvement. This will ultimately contribute to your success in the exam and enhance your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

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1. MyCo, a telecom company, wants to introduce a new group of offers called Tablets for all customers.

As a decisioning architect, which two valid actions do you create? (Choose Two)

2. What is the name of the property that the system computes automatically when you use an Adaptive Model decision component?


U+ Bank, a retail bank, presents offers on its website by using Pega Customer Decision Hub™. The bank wants to leverage Customer Decision Hub capabilities to present relevant offers to qualified customers. As a decisioning consultant, you are responsible for configuring the business requirements with the Next-Best-Action Designer, which involves several tasks. To accomplish these tasks, you might have to use auto-generated decision strategies, create new decision strategies, or edit existing strategies.

In the Answer Area, select the correct execution for each Task.

4. U+ Bank, a retail bank, introduced a new mortgage refinance offer in the eastern region of the country. They want to advertise this offer on their website by using a banner, targeting the customers who live in that area.

What do you configure in Next-Best-Action Designer to implement this requirement?

5. Introduce a new offer, Twenty-year fixed-rate mortgage.

The following table shows the new engagement policy conditions for both mortgage offers:

What is the best practice to fulfill this change management requirement in the Business Operations Environment?

6. An outbound run identifies 150 Standard card offers, 75 on email, and 75 on the SMS channel.

If the following volume constraint is applied, how many actions are delivered by the outbound run?


You are a deaccessioning architect on a next-best-action project and are responsible for designing and implementing decision strategies. Select each component on the left and drag it to the correct requirement on the right.

8. The Platinum Card, one of the credit card offers, is suitable for customers with debt-to-income ratio < 45.

As a decisioning architect, how do you implement this requirement? In the Answer Area, select the correct engagement policy for each criterion.

9. The following decision strategy outputs the most profitable shoe a retailer can sell. The profit is the selling Prices of the shoe, minus the Cost to acquire the shoe.

The details of the shoes are provided in the following table:

The details of the shoes are provided in the following table:

To output the most profitable shoe, which component do you add in the blank space that is highlighted in red?

10. As a decisioning architect, you advise the board on the business issues for which they must use the Next-Best-Action strategy.

Which three business issues do you recommend? (Choose Three)



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