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Try Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam Dumps [2023]

The PEGACPSA88V1 exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in the field of Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) version 8.1. This exam measures the ability to design and implement Pega applications. It requires understanding of topics such as Pega Platform architecture, application design, integration, and reporting. To assess your skills and prepare for the exam, you can try the free Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam Dumps online. These dumps provide a valuable resource to test your knowledge and identify areas where you may need more study For those looking for an easy and effective way to pass the exam, we highly recommend Try Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam Dumps from Certspots. Their PEGACPSA88V1 exam dumps are designed specifically for the PEGACPSA88V1 exam and are regularly updated to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information. With Certspots, you can be confident in your ability to pass the exam and achieve certification.

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1. Which two field types are specialized versions of the Query field type? (Choose two)

Available Choices (select all choices that are correct)

2. Users create Insurance Coverage Request Cases to authorize insurance payments. Users enter information that includes the name of the patient, the date of the procedure and the type of the procedure. After entering the information, user submits the request for a review of the patient's insurance policy. Because multiple users enter requests, duplicate request can occur. A request is considered a duplicate if the patient name, procedure type, procedure date match an existing request.

You have been given two requirements:

- Ensure that users can identify duplicate requests.

- If a case is duplicate, it is not written to the database. Otherwise, write the case to the database.

Which two options configure application so that users can identify duplicate requests? (Choose two)

3. You create an application for employees to submit timesheets. Employees enter work, vacation, and sick time for a particular week. On the entry form, employees see a summary of the total hours entered. After the employee submits the timesheet, the application displays remaining vacation and sick time for the employee. You configure the user view that displays remaining vacation and sick time. The balance calculates by subtracting the vacation time and sick time for the week from the current vacation and sick time balances.

Which configuration option is used to summarize the remaining vacation and sick time?

4. You are designing a credit transaction case type and have the following requirement: Transaction disputes must be resolved within 3 days.

To meet this requirement you need to set the_____________ in the service level to 3 days Available Choices (select all choices that are correct)


Select each task on the left and drag it to the corresponding Application Development Studio on the right, where the task can be completed.

6. A library application used by staff creates a book request case when a member wishes toborrow one or more books. As part of the case process, the application shows the staff a readonly list of outstanding past-due books to remind the member to return late books, select the Data page definition for this use case.

7. An international online car parts business wants customers to find parts for any vehicle easily. You are asked to implement the following requirement Customers must select a make, model, and year to initiate a vehicle-specific search

How do you configure the data storage in the application to implement the requirement?

Available Choices (select all choices that are correct1

8. While running a process, you notice that a read-only field on a form contains a value.

Which tool allows you to determine if a declare expression was used to calculate the value?


Drag the term that is used in App Studio from the left to the rule that you use in Dev Studio on the right.

10. The business process for an automobile insurance claim consists of the following phases

• Submission The customer contacts a customer service representative (CSR) to file the claim

• Review An adjuster reviews the claim, assesses the damages to each vehicle, and provides an estimate of the cost of repairs

• Repair A third party performs the repairs on each vehicle communicating with the adjuster and customer as necessary

• Verification After each vehicle repair, the adjuster closes the claim.

According to Pega best practices which phase can you implement as a child case?



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