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Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 87V1 PEGAPCBA87V1 Practice Exam Questions Updated

Pegasystems PEGAPCBA87V1 practice exam questions are an invaluable resource for anyone preparing for the Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 87V1 exam. They are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam changes, help you study and prepare with ease, increase your chances of passing on your first attempt, and ultimately achieve brilliant exam results. With PEGAPCBA87V1 practice exam questions, you’ll be well on your way to become certified. They are designed to help you study and prepare for the exam with ease, ensuring that you’re confident and ready when the exam day arrives.

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1. How do you route an assignment so that any available member of the Finance department can perform the task?

2. A software company wants customers to receive troubleshooting support easily. New customers prefer to get assistance by using a call center while more experienced customers prefer using the online company forum.

Which three of the following statements are true? (Choose Three)

3. Which scenario is a use case for the Wait step?

4. How do you guide users through an application form without requiring user training?

5. In an insurance claim application, you have the following requirement: All claims must be resolved within 30 days.

To meet this requirement you configure a service level. Where should the service level be configured?

6. Which statement most accurately describes the use of Pega Mobile Preview?

7. In App Studio, when is the earliest opportunity to configure a user view for a step in a case life cycle?

8. What two visualizations can you use to present insight data on the Explore Data landing page? (Choose Two)

9. A purchase request list report includes columns for case ID and regional cost center. A manager wants the report to show the total number of purchase requests for each of the regional cost centers.

How do you configure the report definition?

10. 1.You notice that the scope of your project exceeds the original estimates, and the Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) might not be delivered on time.

Which team member do you contact to verify the project plan and manage expectations for the release schedule?



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