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(Salesforce) Authentic marketing cloud personalization Dumps – Reduce Your Chances of Failure

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1. Which data feed integrates external system data into a user’s profile levargaing identity attributes?

2. What would a marketer include if they want to ensure they display recommendations from more than one category?

3. What are three areas a business user can apply custom catalog dimensions?

4. How does interaction studio deliver technical value to marketers? [Check]

5. What are the components of an interaction studio web campaign? [check]

6. Which role would the admin assign a user if they need to view everything in interaction studio and create, update, publish and delete campaigns and recipes?

7. What is the unified customer profile?

8. What attribute and value is passed in the event API request for returning server side campaigns? [check]

9. Which campaign type needs to be configured to setup the interaction studio connector for sales and service clouds?

10. Which two successs metrics can a company achieve with IS their web channel?



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