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Salesforce Integration Architect Certification Study Guides

Passing the Salesforce Integration Architect Certification exam is crucial for individuals who want to establish their career in Salesforce integration. The Certspots Salesforce Integration Architect Certification Study Guides provide comprehensive coverage of all the topics included in the certification exam, real-life scenarios, and practice exams to help individuals prepare for the certification exam efficiently and effectively. Using these Salesforce Integration Architect Certification Study Guides offers numerous benefits, including a complete understanding of all the concepts and principles of Salesforce integration.

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1. Cases

Salesforce is considered to be the system of record for the customer. In addition to Salesforce, customer data exists in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, ticketing system, and enterprise data lake. Each of these additional systems have their own unique identifier. UC plans on using middleware to integrate Salesforce with the external systems.

UC has a requirement to update the proper external system with record changes in Salesforce and vice versa.

Which two solutions should an Integration Architect recommend to handle this requirement? Choose 2 answers

2. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has an integration set up between a Salesforce org and a quoting system. NTO would like to show a notification to all sales representatives that use Salesforce anytime the quoting system will be taken down for maintenance.

Which Salesforce API should an Integration Architect use to fulfill this requirement?

3. Change all their Apex Loggers to publish Application Exceptions as custom Platform Events.

Which two specifications should the integration architect include in the logging service architecture? Choose 2answers

4. A company accepts payment requests 24x7. Once they accept a payment request, their service level agreement (SLA) requires them to make sureeach payment request is processed by their Payment System. They track payment requests using a globally unique identifier created at the Data Entry Point. Their simplified flow is as shown in the diagram.

They encounter intermittent update errors when two or more processes try to update the same Payment Request record at the same time.

Which two recommendations should an integration architect make to improve their SLA and update conflict handling? Choose 2 answers

5. A company that is a leading provider of courses and training deliverscourses using third party trainers. The trainer for the company has to be verified from 10 different training accreditation verification agencies before providing training for the company. Each training accreditation agency has its own response time, whichcould take days to confirm a trainer.

The company decided to automate the trainer accreditation verification process by integrating to the agencies web services.

What is the recommended approach to automate this process?

6. An Architect is required to integrate with an External Data Source via a Named Credential with an Apex callout due to technical constraints.

How is authentication achieved?

7. Northern Trail Outfitters has had an increase in requests from other business units to integrate opportunity information with other systems from Salesforce. The developers have started writing asynchronous @future callouts directly into the target systems. The CIO is concerned about the viability of this approach scaling for future growth and has requested a solution recommendation.

What should be done to mitigate the concerns that the CIO has?

8. An Integration Architect has built a Salesforce application that integrates multiple systems and keeps them synchronized via Platform Events.

What is taking place if events are only beingpublished?


Northern Trail Outfitters is planning to perform nightly batch loads into Salesforce from an external system with a custom Java application using the and the CIO is curious about monitoring recommendations for the jobs from the Technical Architect

Which two recommendations will help meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers

A Write the error response fromthe Bulk API status to a custom error logging object in Salesforce using an Apex trigger and create reports on the object.

B Visually monitor in the Salesforce UI using the "Bulk Data Load Jobs in Salesforce in the setup menu.

C Set the Salesforce debug logs level to "finest" and add the user Id running the job to monitor in the "Debug Logs" in the setup menu.

D Use the getBatchInfo method in the Java application to monitor the status of the jobs from the Java application.

10. Reuse Enterprise capabilities built for Quoting and Order Management processes

Which three systems from the current system landscape can be retired with the implementation of Salesforce? Choose 3 answers



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