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Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Dumps For Brilliant Exam Study 2023

If you’re preparing for the Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam, then Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam dumps are an excellent resource to help you pass with ease. These questions are designed to align with the latest exam syllabus and pattern, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information possible. One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam dumps is their ability to provide regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the exam. This ensures that you have access to the most recent information and are fully prepared for the exam.

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1. A Health Cloud administrator is working to create an external facing site to allow patients to find providers within their network. The site is being built by Experience Cloud. The administrator needs to determine what access external users must begranted to allow patients to search and find Providers that fit selected criteria.

Which object do the external user need read access to?

2. Makana Pharmaceutical is planning to run a Patient support program on Health Cloud. ASystem Administrator has been tasked to ensure the platform encryption has been configured. The patient’s name is stored on firstname and lastname fields on the person account record. Firstname and Lastname field have been identified as holding PHI (Personal Health Information) data. They are also important search criteria commonly used by Users to find a patient record. The Compliance team has indicated that all PHI Data must be encrypted at rest.

What is the best practice for platform encryption configuration for this solution?

3. How does an administrator display deviceinformation on a patient card?

4. Which credentials are available to track against providers with standard Health Cloud? (Choose two.)

5. Which three statement are true about aCare Program? (Choose 3)

6. How Should Members and Patients be represented during the………… Managers as per the Salesforce recommendation?

7. Which three medication related FHIR resources are supported in the new data model of Health cloud (Choose Three)

8. Which 3 of the components are customizable in HC?

9. A Health Cloud administrator is working on a call center implementation and has to ensure that the phone numbers passing through the CTI settings display the matching contact record via Screen Pop.

Which custom metadata type within Health Cloud should the administrator update to achieve this requirement?

10. The Salesforce Admin for Lake Tahoe Hospital wants to implement Utilization Management.

Which two of the listed steps need to be taken during the set-up process? (Choose 2)



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