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Try Online Free Salesforce AI Associate Practice Exam

If you are looking to enhance your preparation for the Salesforce AI Associate certification exam, I highly recommend trying out the Online Free Salesforce AI Associate Practice Exam provided by Certspots. This comprehensive Salesforce AI Associate practice exam consists of a wide range of carefully selected questions and answers, curated by industry experts. By practicing with these Salesforce AI Associate real exam questions, you will not only gain valuable insights into the exam format and content but also improve your chances of successfully passing the exam. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource that can greatly contribute to your exam success!

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1. A service leader wants use AI to help customer resolve their issues quicker in a guided self-serve application.

Which Einstein functionality provides the best solution?

2. What can bias in AI algorithms in CRM lead to?

3. How does an organization benefit from using AI to personalize the shopping experience of online customers?

4. A system admin recognizes the need to put a data management strategy in place.

What is a key component of data management strategy?

5. What is a potential outcome of using poor-quality data in AI application?

6. Which features of Einstein enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness?

7. Which best describes the different between predictive AI and generative AI?

8. Cloud kicks wants to decrease the workload for its customer care agents by implementing a chatbot on its website that partially deflects incoming cases by answering frequency asked questions.

Which field of AI is most suitable for this scenario?

9. Which statement exemplifies Salesforces honesty guideline when training AI models?

10. Which Einstein capability uses emails to create content for Knowledge articles?



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