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Salesforce Sales Representative Certification Practice Test

The Salesforce Sales Representative Certification is intended for professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in selling products and services on the Salesforce platform. If you’re preparing for the Salesforce Sales Representative Certification exam, Certspots offers a free online Salesforce Sales Representative practice test to help you gauge your readiness. With this Salesforce Sales Representative practice test, you can get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the actual exam and identify areas where you may need to focus your studying. Best of all, you can take the practice test online from anywhere, at any time.

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1. What are the four elements of emotional intelligence?

2. A sales representative wants to transition to a recommendation in a way that demonstrates their ability to provide a competitive solution.

What should they use?

3. What should the sales rep focus on to create and maintain a trusted connection that supports the customer's strategic priorities and requirements?

4. A sales representative is engaging in a discovery conversation with a prospect.

Which approach should the sales rep take during this conversation?

5. How should a sales representative use a client profile during the sales process?

6. A sales representative is strategizing on how to most effectively communicate with a key prospect.

Which approach should they take?

7. A Universal Containers sales representative is working with an account prospect to get them more comfortable with the company's offerings and solutions.

Which approach would help the sales rep educate the prospect about their offerings and solutions?

8. A sales representative closed a deal with a customer 6 months ago. The customer is now experiencing issues with the solution and the sales rep is trying to assess the customer's realized value.

What should the sales rep do?

9. In addition to learning more about customers, what does customer-centric discovery allow a sales representative to do?

10. A sales representative receives an objection and encourages the customer to elaborate on their hesitation and responses.

Which type of questions are they leveraging?



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