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Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional Practice Exam

If you are planning to get ready for the Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional exam, there are several ways you can enhance your preparation. One effective method is to practice online using the Certspots Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional Practice Exam. This practice exam will not only help you assess your knowledge and skills but also provide you with valuable insights into the exam format and question types. By dedicating time to practice with this exam, you can gain confidence and improve your chances of success in the actual exam. So, take advantage of this resource and give yourself the best possible chance of achieving a positive outcome in the Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional exam!

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1. A government agency recently implemented Public Sector Solutions to drive efficiency in its licensing programs; they are leveraging OmniStudio in their implementation. Post-implementation, some stakeholders still have efficiency concerns with certain parts of licensing processing.

Which OmniStudio feature could a technical consultant recommend to identify potential areas for further Improvement?

2. To allow a user to access the Public Sector Solutions Employee Experience pre-built application.

Which three permission sets need to be assigned?

3. A government agency recently implemented Inspections Management, but the internal users want an easier way to generate Visits. Currently, the users must navigate to the Related List tab on an Application, scroll to the Visits* related list and click 'New.' The users also have lo manually fill all of the fields when creating the Visit record.

What is the recommended approach for creating a better user experience when creating a Visit?

4. A customer wants to implement a customer community. Authenticated users will be able to log cases, manage their account and contact information, and apply/view their grant applications.

What two security settings should be configured to ensure the community is secure and no extra information is available to the authenticated community users?

5. A government agency wants to digitize hundreds of PDF forms for its employees.

Which Employee Experience for Public Sector feature(s) are most important to address this opportunity?

6. A government agency charges license fees for small businesses. The agency uses Public Sector Solutions to automate the license application process and dynamically calculate the license fee (based on multiple parameters, ex: revenue, industry type, etc..) for a specific business customer.

Which public sector tools should be leveraged tor this use case?

7. A government agency is responsible for providing licenses to various sporting events. To acquire the license, individuals need to pay the required fees. The System Administrator for Public Sector Solution main responsibility is to automatically map and set the fees for each application to ensure the correct fees are mapped.

Which Business Rules Engine tool is used here?

8. The Department of Disaster Assistance is implementing Grams Management using Public Sector Solutions. One of the pain points in the current process is that every grant application reviewer follows a different business process to review the applications received. A solution has been engaged to standardize this process using the Public Sector Solution toolkit.

What should be the best solution to achieve this task?

9. Bobahaven has implemented Public Sector Solutions to manage constituent applications for permits and licenses. However, they have noticed their call center is receiving a large number of phone calls asking similar questions about the new permit and license application processes. Bobahaven is looking for advice on providing up-to-date information about permit and license processes to constituents so their call center inbound call numbers can be reduced.

Which solution would allow constituents to find answers to the* questions before beginning the application process while reducing implementation and maintenance costs?

10. A government agency is planning a Public Sector Solutions implementation.

What are three main constraints that government agencies often have in project implementation?



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