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Salesforce Order Management Administrator Practice Exam

To assist you in successfully passing the Salesforce Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional exam, it is highly recommended that you dedicate ample time to thoroughly studying the comprehensive and up-to-date Salesforce Order Management Administrator Practice Exam provided by Certspots. This valuable resource will not only enhance your level of preparation, but also equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently tackle the exam and achieve a favorable outcome.

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1. What are two ways an administrator can query Order Summaries using APIs in Workbench?

2. A user wants to review credit card payment data for a specific Order.

Which object should the employee navigate to?

3. How can an administrator add visibility rules for the buttons in the Highlights Panel on the Order Summary record page?

4. An administrator is creating a flow to manage order fulfillment The administrator creates a fault path to handle a possible error.

What object record should the administrator create in the fault path to notify users of an error?

5. What ate two reasons an admin should choose an Event over a Trigger when it comes to building out a solution?

6. An Order Summary has three Fulfillment Orders and two Credit Memos associated with it.

How many Invoices will be created when using the Create Invoice Apex action in a flow?

7. An administrator is configuring delivery methods.

What two types of records need to be created?

8. At minimum, a custom attribute must be created on which objects for the values to automap in Order Management from B2C Commerce Cloud at the Order item level?

9. What object does the Ensure Funds Apex Flow action look for when resolving Invoice balances associated with an Order Summary?

10. Which two objects are found within Order Management?



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