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Salesforce PDX-101 Dumps [2023] – Pass PDX-101 Exam In 1st Go

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1. A Marketing Manager wants to send out an email to a list of prospects that are assigned to several different sales raps. Some of these prospects are syncing with Leads In Salesforce, and some are syncing with Contacts. Each prospect should receive the email from their prospects assigned rep.

How should the Marketing Manager accomplish this?

2. A marketing user wants to send out an email to a list of prospects on behalf of their assigned sales users. Any prospect replies should be directed to [email protected] so their team of business development reps can field questions and schedule follow up demos.

How should this be accomplished?

3. An Administrator wants to create a list whose members are all in the prospecting stage of the opportunity. Once the opportunity moves to another stage, the prospect should no longer be a member of this list.

Which automation tool should the Administrator use to create this list?

4. Which Salesforce field type is unsupported for syncing with Pardot?

5. LenoxSoft has multiple forms containing a "Comments" field on their website. The administrator would like for this field to be visible and empty every time a prospect returns to one of their forms.

Which two form field options should be enabled? Choose 2 answers

6. Which two considerations must be made when creating a repeating automation rule? Choose 2 answers

7. Which two requirements must be met in order to have both e Lead end a Contact field sync with the same Pardot prospect field? Choose 2 answers

8. Which is NOT a way to assign a custom role to a user?

9. What is the expected behavior if an automation rule is NOT set to repeat?

10. Which landing page report metric represents the number of individual prospects who submitted the landing page at least once?



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