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Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Practice Exam

Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant certification is designed for professionals who specialize in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud solutions. This certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise in Salesforce Education Cloud and their ability to optimize the technology for their clients. To achieve this certification, candidates must pass the Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Exam. Certspots offers a comprehensive Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant practice exam that simulates the actual certification exam. With the Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant practice exam, candidates can assess their readiness for the actual exam, identify areas of improvement, and gain the confidence needed to pass the certification exam. Certspots Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Practice Exam features realistic questions that cover all the topics and objectives in the actual exam.

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1. The Recruitment and Admissions office has an existing Salesforce environment they wants to expand to include all of the school's operations and service. The school has asked the consultant for recommendations to ensure the expansion is efficient, ..........., and will meet the need of new existing user.

Which should the consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

2. The Advancement department wants to extend its Salesforce environment to support event management, including registration pages, ticketing, and agenda-building functionality.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

3. A law school wants a recruitment and admissions system with a multichannel marketing tool, Admission officers want an application portal they can brand. Marketers want an integrated social listening tool.

Which solution set should the consultant recommend?

4. A university's strategic goal is to improve its MBA program rankings. A data point that influences the MBA program ranking is acceptance percentage. The school has asked a consultant to help it reach the goal, and increase prospective student engagement across multiple channels.

What should the consultant recommend?

5. A system admin has an idea for a custom solution for their org and thinks it might be useful to others as well. The system admin discusses it with colleagues from two other schools. They are excited about the system admin's idea and offer to help.

What should the system admin consider doing as a next step?

6. An elementary school wants to implement an out-of-the-box solution to track enrollments by grade.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

7. 1.International Programs wants to track the emergency contacts for students who are studying abroad.

Which functionality should a consultant implement to meet this requirement?

8. The Marketing department at a college emails former students twice a year informing them of upcoming fundraising events. The department is concern about the number of bounced emails it receives.

Which solution should the Marketing team consider that will enable former students to update their email address?

9. A large online university uses Salesforce with the Education Data Architecture (EDA) to manage its operations. Its Salesforce environment has a large volume of records and it takes a long time to search and generate list views.

Which feature should the consultant use to resolve the issue?

10. The International Studies office is using Salesforce to manage admissions and scholarship awards programs. The office needs to electronically send, and also print and mail scholarship and program admission decisions on a preformatted letter template.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?



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