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Pass the Scrum PSU-I Exam 2023 – Best PSU-I Preparation Material

The Scrum PSU-I exam is a challenging test that requires a solid understanding of the subject matter. But with the right preparation materials, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try. That’s where Certspot comes in with their latest PSU-I preparation material. Their PSU-I practice exam questions are carefully crafted to cover all the topics and concepts that you’ll need to know to pass the Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU I) exam. The material is updated regularly to ensure that it reflects any changes or updates to the exam. By studying Certspot PSU-I preparation material, you’ll be able to identify any knowledge gaps and focus your studying efforts on those areas. This will help you to study more effectively, ultimately leading to a better chance of passing the exam.

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1. When does the next Sprint begin? (choose the best answer)

2. Who can perform discovery work such as interviewing customers and why? (choose the best answer)

3. Learning turns into 'validated learning' when assumptions and goals can be assessed through results.

What is a key way for a Product Owner to apply validated learning? (choose the best answer)

4. A "Done" Increment is an (choose the best answer)

5. True or False: Lean UX encourages us to focus on outcomes.

6. When should customer interviews be used? (choose the best answer)

7. True or False: User interviews are the only time the Product Owner should be speaking with a customer.

8. Which of the following is the most Leading Indicator? (choose the best answer)

9. True or False: The Scrum Team requires a User Experience Designer to create all design materials for the product features.

10. Which of the following are TRUE for Scrum Teams? (choose the best two answers)



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