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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Dumps – Shortcut Key To Success

If you’re looking for a shortcut key to your success in the Certified Business Analyst Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam exam, Certspots provides up-to-date, accurate, and reliable Salesforce Certified Business Analyst dumps that have been carefully crafted to help you pass your exam on the first try. These Salesforce Certified Business Analyst dumps have been designed to cover all the topics and concepts that you’ll need to know to pass the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam. Plus, they’re updated regularly to ensure that they reflect any changes or updates to the exam. They’re available in different formats, including PDF and practice exam software, which allows you to practice and test your knowledge before the actual exam.

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1. Cloud Kicks will launch a new customer experience portal.

During discussions with the VP of customer service, a business analyst (BA) recorded the following:

• All logins must use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

• Portal pages should load within 2 seconds.

How should the BA document the items?

2. A business analyst (BA) at Northern Trail Outfitters has been asked to prepare documentation including acceptance criteria and definition of done for a Heroku project.

Which way should the BA approach creation of this documentation?

3. Cloud Kicks uses declarative change set development to deliver its Salesforce customizations. The business analyst (BA) works with the technical leas on the project to track changes that require manual migration.

Which resources should the BA use to determine which changes must be made manually in each environment?

4. A business analyst (BA) is in the process of documenting requirements.

The BA wrote the following user story:

"As a sales team manager, I want the ability to access reports on Sales Cloud to evaluate if the team's daily activities are meeting the set goals.’’

Which acceptance criteria is most appropriate for this user story?

5. A group of business analysts (BA) at Universal Containers have been working with different teams of stakeholders on eliciting requirements for a new Salesforce app. The BAs have gathered and documented all of the information in a central location. Upon review of the requirements, the BAs discovered that changes made to the documentation were overwritten by each other, and they will lose time recapturing them.

What should the BAs do differently to prevent this error from happening?

6. Cloud Kicks has assembled a new product team to launch a brand ambassador partner portal in Experience Cloud. The team is debating various ways to document the requirements. The business analyst recommends writing user stories within the Agile methodology.

What is the benefit of creating user stories when documenting project requirements?

7. Management at Cloud Kicks has asked a business analyst (BA) to gain alignment from a group of people to determine what is in scope and out of scope on a Salesforce project.

Which group should the BA include early in the scoping process?

8. Universal Containers wants to integrate its Salesforce org with the largest online professional network so its sales reps can view information directly on Salesforce records. The business analyst will write acceptance criteria for this scenario.

What is an example of good acceptance criteria?

9. A business analysis (BA) is creating a business flowchart to review with a customer service team that is using service team that is using Service Cloud. The team is organized by the products and the regions they support.

Which step should the BA include e in the business flowchart?

10. A business analyst (BA) working on a Service Cloud implementation is reviewing user stories to verify they are written effectively.

What should the BA confirm about the user stories when completing this review?



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