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Salesforce Pardot Consultant Questions – Boost Your Exam Preparation

If you want to boost your exam preparation and increase your chances of success, Certspots Salesforce Pardot Consultant questions are an excellent resource for anyone looking to pass the Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam. The Pardot Consultant exam questions are updated regularly to ensure that they reflect the most current trends and technologies in the industry, and to keep up with any changes to the exam format or content. By practicing with Certspots Salesforce Pardot Consultant questions, candidates can evaluate their knowledge and skills, identify areas where they need to improve, and develop strategies for answering exam questions quickly and accurately. This will not only reduce their chances of failure but will also help them perform better on the actual exam.

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1. Select available Webinar Connectors

2. What can you do in Advanced Section of Look and Feel step in Pardot Form

3. Is it possible to split Dynamic Lists into more than two Static Lists?

4. Lenoxsofts licensing software is based on annual contract renewals. The marketing department is struggling to send reminders to customers, and the sales department has no insight into what reminders marketing is sending. Lenoxsoft uses the custom field "Contract" which contains the value "Renewed" for prospects who have already renewed or is blank is they have yet to renew.

Lenoxsoft wishes to set up an Engagement program that does the following:

- Automatically adds/removes Prospects to the Renewal Engagement program based on their renewal status

- Sends a series of reminders to Prospects who have NOT yet renewed

- Gives sales continuous insight into prospect engagement with the program.

Based on the requirements outlined, which of the following is the best process for Lenoxsoft to set up?

5. LenoxSoft wants to create a re-engagement program that will nurture prospects if they're last activity is greater than 90 days. Once they begin the re-engagement program, if they become active, the prospects need to remain in the program.

Which solution would you recommend?

6. While reviewing the Velocity section of the Pipeline Report in the B2B Marketing Analytics App, a Pardot administrator notices that it is taking prospects an average of 30 days to get from the Visitor stage to the Prospect stage. The admin wants to decrease this to 15 days.

What next steps should decrease the transition time?

7. You decide to build an automation rule to automatically allow prospects to match the "Title" criteria in your grade profile. You need to capture all prospects with any form of Vice President in their job title but want to exclude ones who are currently on any of your suppression lists.

Which of the following sets of rule criteria will accomplish this?

8. LenoxSoft noticed they are getting a much higher unsubscribe rate and suspect it is due to bot activity.

What should a consultant recommend to help prevent automatic unsubscribes from email scanners?

9. How many Engagement Programs can run at one time

10. Which are true about Salesforce Engage



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