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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Exam Dumps For Brilliant Exam Study 2023

If you’re preparing for the Salesforce Certified Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional exam, then Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud exam dumps are an excellent resource to help you pass with ease. These questions are designed to align with the latest exam syllabus and pattern, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information possible. One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud exam dumps is their ability to provide regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the exam. This ensures that you have access to the most recent information and are fully prepared for the exam.

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1. Can a Promotion be related to more than one store group while defining the Reach?

2. Can Mass actions be performed over plotted records in a Map? For example drag an area to select several Retail Stores or Accounts plotted over a Map and perform a mass action over all of them like Add to Route or Change Owner?

3. Can a single retail store can be a part of one or more retail store groups?

4. What are Base Objects in Maps?

5. When classifying a given Product stored in the Product2 object with a Category, a record of a given object is automatically generated as a junction object, which one is it?

6. What junction object defines the relationship between an Assortment and a given Retail Store, Account or Retail Store Location Group?

7. Which two objects are used to generate the orders a field service rep generates when at a retail store?

8. What object is used in the CG cloud to create a set of tasks to perform at a visit to a retail Store?

9. Of the two variables to consider when setting up promotions, which one is responsible for indicating which products will be covered by a given promotion? Reach or Level

10. Can a single location be related to more than one Retail Store in CGs Data Model?



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