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Latest Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Questions – Your Path To Success

To become a certified professional, it is crucial to prepare well for the CRT-403 exam. Although training is not mandatory, we offer an effective solution to your exam preparation needs. Our CRT-403 practice exam questions are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills validated by the exam. By practicing our CRT-403 exam questions, you can gain confidence and familiarity with the exam format and content. Our Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Questions are created by experts in the field, and we update them regularly to reflect the latest exam trends and requirements. Get started today and take the first step towards your certification success with our CRT-403 practice exam questions.

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1. Universal Containers needs the 18-digit record ID from Opportunity records when exporting data to Excel in order to ensure each record istreated uniquely.

What formula should an app builder use to create this new field?

2. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to broadcast an email to 7,000 contactsm Salesforce on a regular basis but realizes Salesforce is mass functionality has a limitation on the number erf emails that can be sent each day.

What action should the app builder take?

3. universal containers hasseveral large customers that sell their products through dealers. Each customer and dealer has an individual rep who works directly with uc and each is billed separately.

How can an app builder implement these requirements?

4. Universal Containers uses Contracts for agreements with customers. A sales manager is required to provide approval for contracts and director approval for any contract over $10,000.

Which two options should an app builder use to ensure all contracts route for the correct approval and also prevent the sales repfrom making changes to the record while it is being approved? Choose 2 answers

5. DreamHouse Realty is rethinking its sandbox utilization strategy after acquiring Cloud Kicks. The Salesforce COE already utilizes a partial and a full sandbox, which it refreshes on their own regular schedules. Teams are expanding and have to begin each of their small projects in a sandbox before committing to the larger pool for collaborative testing while still keeping costs down.

What type of sandbox should each team member use?

6. UniversalContainers uses a custom picklist field Account Region on the account record. They want this region to be reflected on all related contact records and stay in sync if the value of this field changes on the Account.

How should an app builder meet this requirement?

7. The VP of Sales wants a Chatter post to the All-Sales private group when an opportunity goes to the closed won stage.

What two tools should the app builder use to automate this process? Choose 2 answers

8. The appbuilder needs to change the data types of new custom fields. The app builder is not able to delete and recreate any of the fields, nor modify any apex code.

Which data type change will require the app builder to perform the additional steps in order to retain existing functionalities?

9. Manage at Universal Containers want a quick to create additional accounts to form a hierarchy from a parent account record. They want to auto-populate five fields based on the parent to make it easier for users to create the child accounts quickly.

10. Universal Containers (UC) has a time-sensitive need for a custom component to be built in 4 weeks; UC developers require additional enablement to complete the work and are backlogged by several months.

Which option should an app builder suggest to meet this requirement?



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