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Study Tips to Pass Salesforce ARC-801 Exam

If you’re planning to take the Salesforce ARC-801 exam, there are several study tips that can help you prepare and increase your chances of passing. In addition to practicing with the latest Salesforce ARC-801 practice exam from Certspots, you may want to consider reviewing Salesforce’s official study materials, such as their Trailhead modules and online courses. It’s also a good idea to join online study groups or forums where you can connect with other aspiring Salesforce professionals and share study tips and resources. Another useful strategy is to take Salesforce ARC-801 practice exams and quizzes to test your knowledge and identify areas where you may need to focus your study efforts. This can help you feel more confident and prepared on exam day.

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1. Towards the end of the discovery phase, the sales manager and subject matter experts raise a request to get hands-on experience with the solution as soon as possible. They want to ensure the requirements they provided are correctly built out in Salesforce. The project sponsor is unsure how that request may affect the schedule.

Which method should a Solution Architect consider in this scenario to validate the requirements during the build sprint without impacting the project timelines?

2. A software solutions company has created several SaaS applications that it sells to its customers. The company would like an easier way to allow customers to renew their subscriptions each period. Today, the company has to run reports across multiple disparate systems to find out which products each customer has purchased, their usage levels, and when each customer needs to renew. Tracking and identifying when to contact customers is a very manual process and involves sates people sending emails with invoices attached. Customers often mail paper checks to the company, leading to disconnected invoicing and payment processing.

Which two products should a Solution Architect consider to resolve the subscription, invoicing, and payment issues the company is currently experiencing? Choose 2 answers

3. Universal Containers (UC) u selling containers globally via distributors and is experiencing significant double-digit growth year-over-year. UC uses a centralized ERP system that holds the financial information of the distributors. The ERP system is siloed but offers connectivity via APIs. The account managers need to reference the financial information stored in the ERP while approving an order of a distributor inside Salesforce. The financial information of a distributor may change ad-hoc during the day in the ERP system and account managers need the latest data in front of them.

What should a Solution Architect recommend while designing an integrated, scalable solution to meet UC's needs?

4. AW Computing (AWC) has just completed a multi-cloud implementation for Salesforce and is facing major user adoption challenges. Users are complaining that the system is complicated and hard to navigate.

What can the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Salesforce do to help increase user adoption?

5. Universal Containers (UC) manufactures automobile engine components. UC wants to set up an ecommerce website to deliver a seamless customer purchasing experience, both through self-service and field sales. UC also wants to showcase its extensive product offerings, operate regional promotions and discounts, and managed routing and contracting. UC is looking for guidance on a Salesforce multi-cloud solution to be implemented across phases.

What should a Solution Architect recommend to meet UC's business requirements?

6. Universal Containers is at the start of a digital transformation program. Members of the executive leadership team have provided a list of internal and external stakeholders who are dedicated to formulating the vision and desired business outcomes in a 2-day workshop. The executive leadership team has made the request to understand what the customer experience will look like out of this workshop.

What should a Solution Architect do to help formulate the high-level business vision and desired business outcomes?

7. AC Computers is getting ready to go live with automated subscription invoicing using Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud. AC Computers' primary goal is to retire its homegrown system used for manual invoicing and migrate any outstanding bookings. The company wants to make sure there is little disruption to a customer's current invoicing schedule when it goes live with Salesforce Billing and retires the existing system.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to reduce customer impact? Choose 3 answers

8. AC Computers is hitting governor limits when trying to create orders and activate orders in Salesforce. Upon further investigation, it's discovered that AC Computers is trying to process hundreds of order products on a single order. The Order object also has various automation processes to update fields and integrate with a third-party order management system .

What is one solution a Solution Architect should evaluate first to resolve this issue?

9. What should a Solution Architect do to ensure that all requirements for a multi-cloud implementation are captured during discovery sessions so that project stakeholders are aligned with the project team on deliverables?

10. Universal Containers (UC) recently went live with a multi-cloud implement at ton consisting of Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. The UC Marketing team wants to generate Marketing Cloud Account Engagement emails using the same dynamic content that users access in Experience Cloud. They want to trigger Marketing Cloud Account Engagement emails based on certain user actions while keeping the content dynamic and configurable via a user- friendly mechanism.

Which approach should a Solution Architect recommend m this case?



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